Valley of the Gods Photos: A Visual Day Trip

Majestic sandstone formations characterize the Valley of the Gods in Utah, as wind and water shaped them over millions of years. Erosion crafted these towering structures, fashioning a stunning landscape that captivates visitors. Some formations ignite the imagination, resembling familiar objects or animals. The rocks exhibit a spectrum of colors, from rich reds to earthy browns, influenced by mineral content and sunlight. You can see this in our Valley of the Gods Photos. Take a Valley of the Gods day trip.

How to get there.

We drove through the Valley of the Gods as a side trip on our stay in Monument Valley. From Monument Valley drive north on US- 163 past Mexican Hat a few miles and the entrance will be on your left. There is another entrance on US-261.

The Road

The drive is all on a 17-mile-long dirt road that is doable in a car or 4×4. It may be impassable when the road is wet. We were surprised at just how few cars and other people we saw on this Loop Drive. There is dispersed camping in the area and there were some big rigs towards the beginning of the drive. They were in pull-outs that were easy to get to before the road started to get rougher. There were tent campers further in the Loop Drive also in pull-out areas. It’s important to try to camp in areas that have been used before to minimize damage to the area. BLM Road Map

The Views on the Drive

We started the drive from the US-163 entrance and started to see formations with names like Seven Sailors, Sitting Hen Butte, Rooster Butte, Battleship Rock, and Lady in the Bathtub. They don’t look to impressive from a distance but as you drive the road they become quite impressive. You can even use a pull-out and walk around them to get a better understanding of just how large they are. See them in Valley of the Gods photos is amazing.

The Views from Muley Point

The Moki Dugway is a maze of switchbacks on a narrow road leading up to Muley Point. It is accessed from near the Valley of the Gods US-261 entrance. in Arizona. Once up at the Point, you have awesome views of the Valley of the Gods, Monument Valley, and Goosenecks State Park. You will see just how expansive the Valley is. You can see the dirt road and trace it as it winds it way through the valley.

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