1 Day Itinerary Theodore Roosevelt North Unit

One day, we decided to make the 80-mile drive up to the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. So check out our Ultimate-1-Day-Itinerary-Theodore-Roosevelt-North-Unit. Visiting the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park is like stepping into a painting of rugged beauty and untamed wilderness. The drive along the park road was awesome leading to stunning overlooks. This made for some amazing Theodore Roosevelt North Unit photos.

The Drive

We took the 14-mile Scenic Loop Drive to the end, where we were treated to some breathtaking views. Despite the name, the drive ended at the Oxbow Overlook, but we didn’t mind since the scenery was so stunning and we drove back the way we had come. Of all the overlooks we saw, our favorite was The Riverbend Overlook where you walked down to a covered picnic area with beautiful views of the valley and river. We also stopped at the Cannonball Concrete Concreations which were weird round formations. The drive was the highlight of our Ultimate-1-Day-Itinerary-Theodore-Roosevelt-North-Unit.

The Hikes

We also enjoyed a short hike on the Caprock Coulee Trail, a long trail but we only did a section of it. We had a relaxing lunch at the picnic area while observing a herd of bison strolling through the area. After we did a section of The Little Buckhorn Trail. One day in the North Unit was enough for us and we got our Theodore Roosevelt North Unit photos


There is camping at the Juniper Campground on a first come basis. Some of the sites are big enough for RVs however there are no hookups. Visiting Theodore Roosevelt North Unit was amazing.

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