The Zion Narrows in November

The best time to visit Zion Narrows is in the fall as the temperatures are mild, and the crowds are fewer than in the summer months. The hike begins at the Temple of Sinawava, where we took the Riverside Walk for one mile before reaching the start of the Narrows. As the name suggests, the Narrows is a narrow canyon with towering walls that can reach up to 1,500 feet high. The trail follows the Virgin River, which is the lifeblood of the canyon. The water is clear and cold, and hikers should take precautions to stay dry as they will need to wade through the river in some areas. Zion National Park in November is our favorite time in the park and we think this is the best time to visit Zion Narrows.

Proper gear

As it is entirely in the water, hikers must be prepared with the proper gear. On this trip, the ambient temperature was a little cold so we opted for the dry suit with the canyoneering shoes and staff. We rented this from Zion Adventures. We were used to wearing dry suits as we are avid divers in Southern California with its cold water. However, after the hike, we determined that the bib overalls or the dry pants would have been fine and that’s what we wore on later trips.

The bottom-up hike is 4.6 miles to Big Springs where you will have to turn around and exit the way you came. This time it took us 9 hours to go to Big Springs and back which was a really long day for us. Being an out-and-back hike you go as far as your time or fitness allows. It is faster coming out because you are going with the current.

The photo opportunities are endless and in November you can even get some fall foliage. Tip; keeping things dry on The Narrows hike

Zion Narrows

Hidden Canyon

With so much to explore in the canyon, it can be difficult to fit everything into one visit. That’s why we keep coming back. One of our favorite hikes is the Hidden Canyon Hike, featuring a narrow trail and towering canyon walls, including a small arch. Zion National Park in November is a great time to visit. The trail is accessed at the Weeping Rock Shuttle Stop. See the report “Your First trip to Zion” HERE

Temple of Sinawava and the River Walk in November

The Temple of Sinawava, is a stunning natural amphitheater that marks the end of the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. It is a photographer’s paradise with towering red walls. There is also a large ephemeral waterfall when there is rain in the area. This is one of many iconic Zion National Park Images.

The Riverside Walk is a paved, wheelchair-accessible trail that stretches for approximately 2.2 miles round trip. The trail begins at the Temple of Sinawava. It is very colorful in November with the fall foliage. When there is rain in the area ephemeral waterfalls spout from the canyon walls. The end of this walk is also the beginning of the Narrows hike.

The Watchman in November

A trip to Zion National Park is not complete without capturing a sunset photo of The Watchman, with its iconic view from the bridge. There will be many photographers there and when the lighting and cloud formations cooperate it can make for a truly magical moment. Warning: They no longer allow photographers on the bridge because of safety concerns. You can still get a decent composition from areas around the bridge or under the bridge.

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