The Pacific Coast to the Tetons

Teton mountains reflected in the snake river with a cloudy blue sky

This was a road trip from the Pacific Coast to the Tetons

Our route for this trip up to the Pacific coast to the Teton mountains

Stop 1: Redwoods National and State Parks

We took 2 days to drive from San Diego to Patrick’s Point State Park in Northern California.

Coastal redwoods with ferns and moss

From our campsite in Patricks Point State Park, we explored the ancient forests with 2 highlights being the Founders Tree area and Elk meadow

From the Redwoods we spent 1 day driving to Bullards Beach Campground in Brandon Oregon

Stop 2: Bandon Beach and Sea Stacks

Sea stacks at Bandon beach in Oregon at sunset

We had 3 days to explore the beaches. Most beach visits were at sunrise and sunset for photography.

We also had time for some shopping and a few hours at the Coquille Lighthouse.

It was a 1-day drive from Bandon, Oregon to Sol Duk Hot Springs Resort in the Olympic National Park.

Stop 3: Olympic National Park

Lush forest with a stream, and a lot of ferns and moss in Pacific Coast to the Tetons

We had 2 days to explore the park including The Ancient Grove, Sol Doc Falls, and Salmon Cascades. On the 3rd day, we took a side trip to Port Angeles and took the ferry to Victoria Canada. Camping Olympic NP

It was a 2-day drive to Yellowstone National Park with an overnight stop in Idaho.

Stop 4: Yellowstone National Park

Norris geyser basin with steam vents, and a cloudy blue sky in Pacific Coast to the Tetons

We had a full 2 weeks in the park with my son and his family. We felt like the 2 weeks was just enough time to scratch the surface. We went back 2 years later for another 2 weeks and still haven’t seen and done everything we wanted to. Camping in Yellowstone

It was a short 2and a half hour’s drive from the campsite in Yellowstone to the Fireside Resort in Moran, Wyoming our last stop on our Pacific Coast to the Tetons road trip.

Stop 5: Grand Teton National Park

Schwabacher Landing with the Teton mountains reflected in the snake River, and a cloudy blue sky in Pacific Coast to the Tetons

2 days in a National Park is just not enough time but that is all we had because of some obligations at home. We drove through the park, went to the overlooks, and took the Jenny Lake shuttle boat to see Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. Camping in Grand Teton

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