Sedona, Cathedral Rock Sunset

Sedona is a beautiful Arizona desert town surrounded by red-rock buttes and pine forests. My dad had lived in the area for a long time before he passed away, so we were somewhat familiar with Sedona, but it had been years since we had visited. We were surprised by the traffic and crowds, but we found a hotel in town to stay in. Exploring Sedona GuideAfter some sightseeing and shopping, we headed to a location to photograph Cathedral Rock at sunset. The weather, clouds, and sun all cooperated to create a beautiful evening. We captured some amazing photos of the iconic Cathedral Rock sunset.

Cathedral Rock, an iconic landmark nestled in Sedona, Arizona, is a breathtaking natural marvel that commands attention. As we approached the trail leading to this majestic formation, we couldn’t help but be captivated by its awe-inspiring beauty. With their striking verticality and intricate layers, the towering sandstone cliffs create a cathedral-like presence against the vibrant blue sky. we knew where the moon would be located because of an app called Skygazer. We find it very useful for sunrise and sunset locations. This was the last stop on a Utah-Arizona Road Trip

Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock with a red hue, created by the setting sun with the moon and overhead
Cathedral Rock with the moon overhead and a cloudy blue sky

Lorna’s Tips and Lessons

Mick and I love traveling together. We relish the time we spend exploring new places together. It’s a fantastic way for us to bond even after 50-plus years of marriage. We often receive questions from friends who are curious about how we manage to spend so much time together without getting on each other’s nerves.

One of the things we love to do on our road trips is rocking out to our favorite tunes. We’re not afraid to belt out the lyrics, even if we’re a little off-key or out of tune. It’s all about having fun and enjoying the moment.

However, there are times when one of us wants to sit back and soak in the scenery while the other wants to listen to music, a book, or a podcast. This is where Bluetooth earphones come in handy. We can tune out and enjoy our own personal entertainment without disturbing the other person.

In fact, I find headband earphones to be particularly comfortable, especially when Mick is ready to call it a night before I am. With our earphones, I can continue listening to my favorite podcast while Mick drifts off to sleep. On the few occasions he is still reading when I want to sleep, I can use it to keep the light out.

They’re a simple but effective solution that helps us respect each other’s space and preferences while still sharing the adventure.

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