“Lilly the Tuxedo Kitten: A Furry Force of Curiosity and Love”

Meet Lilly, our new active and curious kitten who has joined our home. Unlike Chuck, our previous wise old cat, we knew, from the beginning, we would be bringing her along on our travels. Despite her constant curiosity, she is smart and learns quickly. While we are training her, she is also teaching us a few things. Let’s introduce you to Lilly and see if cats are curious.

Lilly is a tuxedo cat we adopted from a woman who rescues dogs and cats. She and her two brothers were orphaned as kittens and were hand-raised. We were told she was a relaxed, affectionate cat who enjoyed cuddling. However, upon bringing her home, we discovered that she is highly energetic and active, and only wants to cuddle or be held when it’s bedtime and the lights are out. She is either on or off. Despite this, she is very trusting and loving toward us. On a trip to Huntington Lake in the Sierra Nevada, when Lily was about 18 months old, she had a very good time. So much to explore with a harness and leash. She would chase birds, climb trees, and explore the water’s edge.

Are cats curious? A couple of videos of when Lilly first came to live with us.

Tummy Rubs

Cats Know Their Names and Their People


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