In The Castle Rocks Campground

Castle Rocks Campground in The Fremont Indian State Park

At the Fremont Indian State Park

, we stayed in the Castle Rock campground. They are primitive sites that you can reserve at Fremont Indian State Park. It is set back in some beautiful rock formations that are well-lit both at sunset and sunrise for photography. Also, there were some hiking trails in the area with some beautiful scenery.

This was an overnight stop for us on the way to Colorado but it was so beautiful and secluded that we wanted to include it in the travel log. I highly recommend it as a stop on a road trip or a destination.

Lorna’s Tips and Lessons

We prefer to keep our meals uncomplicated, especially while traveling. Typically, we prepare meals in advance to minimize cooking time. Having experienced the misfortune of finding our dinner scattered on the floor with a dozen broken eggs after arriving at our destination, we now take extra care to ensure that the refrigerator door is tightly closed. To enhance organization and maximize space utilization, we utilize plastic baskets inside the refrigerator. Be sure to measure to get the right size baskets. Additionally, I always keep a few refrigerator braces handy to prevent items from moving around inside.

On to Rocky Mountains NP

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