How To Get Your RV and Cat Ready

Chuck the cat laying on the trailer bed.  It has a blue bedspread on it and a crochet blanket.  There is a sign above the bed that says Traveling with Joy

In addition to getting Chuck accustomed to the truck, we also familiarized him with the trailer. We ensured that he spent ample time with us in his future home to prepare him for a month-long trip. We equipped the trailer with his litter box, scratching pole, favorite toys, and treats. As Chuck is a chubby boy, we tried to minimize the use of treats and instead relied more on the bond we had built with him. We love RVing with a cat.

In order to keep Chuck safe while camping, we had to be mindful of the campsites we chose. While we did spend a lot of time dry camping, we made sure to get a site with electrical hookups if the weather was extremely hot or cold. If that was not an option, we planned our outings so we would be back to use the generator. We also purchased an RV Pet temperature monitor for the trailer, but it was only useful if there was electricity. We have considered getting a camera for the trailer in the future, but have not yet done so.

When bringing a cat, a litter box is essential. We placed the litter box in the shower. Using disposable bed pads under a litter box, whether it’s a traditional box or a disposable one, can help make cleanup easier and prevent litter from going down your RV drain. Another tip for RVing with a cat.

A picture of Chuck the Cat using his litter box.  It is in the trailer shower and has a disposable bed pad under it.

Drinking lots of water is important for a cat to maintain their health. Chuck preferred water fountains. We found this cordless rechargeable fountain easy to use.

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