Grand Teton National Park and a Mob of Moose

River with trees, mountains, clouds reflected in it

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The Campground

The Teton Range is a side segment of the Rockies with jagged peaks and is about 40 miles long. We had been here before but this time we had heard of a place along the Gros Ventre River where there was a herd of moose so we decided to check it out. Gros Ventre campground camping was all that we were expecting. Gros Ventre campground photos of moose were amazing.

We stayed Gros Ventre Campground located at Recreation. gov

We stayed here for 5 nights in C loop which is close to the river. The campground is very secluded and it is first come first served and only 1 loop has hook-ups. It is on the Gros Ventre River and is a favorite place for moose. There is an abundant source of willow, which is one of their favorite foods. We would wake up in the morning and find moose walking through our campsite. We would find spots just 30 or 40 feet from our trailer where they had bedded down for the night. Loop C was close to the river and close to the amphitheater. The amphitheater was where we found moose every morning. For our 1st trip to Grand Teton click here

The 5 top things we did on this trip to Grand Teton National Park

  1. Interacted and photographed moose
  2. Explored the Mormon District
  3. Visited Schwabacher Landing
  4. Visited the Oxbow Bend Overlook
  5. Took a float trip on the Snake River

Gros Ventre campground photos

Our campsite at the Gros Ventre campground near Jackson, Wyoming

The moose activity happened in the morning and they would congregate by the amphitheater for some social time.

The Moose

For the camera and setup I use for wildlife photos see Photo Equipment

Mormon District

We had plenty of time to explore Grand Teton National Park in the afternoon hours. This was our 2nd time in the park with the first time being just a 2 day stay. It is just 3 miles to The Historic Mormon District from the campground and the T.A. Moulton Barn, which is often referred to as the “most photographed barn in America”. The iconic red barn, which was built in 1914, stands as a symbol of the hardworking spirit of the pioneers who settled in the area. The Mormon Row Historic District is a popular destination for visitors to Grand Teton National Park and we visited there 3 times. It was an awesome to get

Both times we saw herds of pronghorn antelope moving through the meadows. Grand Teton is the northern end of their yearly migration which covers 150-200 miles from southern Wyoming.

Schwabacher Landing

Schwabacher Landing was 15 miles from our campsite and 16 miles from Jackson Hole. Heading north on I-89 there is a gravel road on the left that dead ends at a parking lot just a few feet from the Snake River. The reflection of the Teton Mountains in the still, flat water of the Snake River is majestic and is a prime photo location in the area. We have been there 3 times, and we think in the early morning when there is no wind is your best chance for a gorgeous photo. There is a trail that travels along the bank of the river for 4 miles with great views of the mountains so pack a lunch and make a day of it.

Oxbow Bend Overlook

The Oxbow Bend Overlook is a must-see destination. Located on the eastern side of the park, it’s only a short drive from the town of Jackson Hole and is easily accessible from the Gros Ventre campsite, which is 31 miles away.

At the Overlook, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the Teton Mountain Range and the Snake River. It’s especially stunning during sunrise when the early morning light casts a warm glow on Mt. Moran.

One of the best ways to explore the area is by kayak, which you can rent in Moose. From there, it’s just a short trip to Cattleman’s Bridge, where you can easily launch and paddle around the back of the bend.

Personally, I’ve found that traveling with my own inflatable kayak is a convenient way to ensure I can enjoy locations like this without any hassle. So, pack your gear and get ready for a memorable experience at the Oxbow Bend Overlook in Grand Teton National Park!

Snake River Rafting

We went on a 13-mile float with Dave Hansen Scenic River Trips, and it was a truly enjoyable experience.

With just one other couple on the raft with us and our knowledgeable guide, we had plenty of space and attention to fully appreciate the natural beauty around us. The highlight of the trip was the many bald eagle sightings and the stunning views of the mountains that surrounded us.

This particular trip had no white water, which made it an incredibly relaxing four-hour journey down the river. While we’ve been on more exhilarating river trips before, this was a welcome change of pace and allowed us to truly soak in the sights and sounds of the river and its surroundings.

If you’re looking for a peaceful and scenic river excursion in Jackson Hole, we highly recommend a float trip down the Snake River with Dave Hansen Scenic River Trips.


Our trip to the Gros Ventre River in Grand Teton National Park was truly unforgettable. We stumbled upon a hidden gem at the Gros Ventre campground, where we were able to witness moose in their natural habitat up close. We explored the park extensively, visiting the iconic T.A. Moulton Barn and Mormon Row Historic District, and marveled at the beauty of Schwabacher Landing and the Oxbow Bend Overlook. Our adventure on the Snake River with Dave Hansen Scenic River Trips was a perfect way to cap off our trip.

The stunning views of the mountains and numerous bald eagle sightings made the journey down the river truly breathtaking. Although we have been on more thrilling river trips in the past, this was a relaxing and peaceful experience that allowed us to fully appreciate the beauty of the area. We highly recommend this float trip to anyone looking to explore the natural beauty of Jackson Hole. Gros Ventre Campground camping is a place I will return to.

This was the last leg of a 9-stop National Park Road Trip. Do you want to see the start of this amazing trip? From the Sierras to the Rockies

Lorna’s Tips and Lessons

Again, I’ll remind you to talk to your neighbor campers and the rangers. It was from the camper next to us in Yellowstone, that we learned he’d come from a campground in Grand Teton with lots of Moose migrating through. Just what we had been hoping to see and our next stop. Fortunately, there was a vacancy and we were able to change our reservations. What a blessing.

We enjoy sitting outside in the evening. Who doesn’t enjoy a good campfire? At a campfire with a group of friends, one had an outdoor rocking chair. We laughed the next time we got together, as we all had gotten one. It is a favorite.

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