Fall Color and Snow at North Lake

Fall coloring the aspen trees along the Middle Fork of Bishop Creek from our North Lake campground near Bishop CA

Camping and Accommodations

A small North Lake campground near Bishop CA has 11 walk-in sites for tent camping. You can find information about it HERE It is a short distance to the lake to get your North Lake Bishop photos.

On our trip, we stayed at Cardinal Village Resort in the tiny community of Aspendell, located 16.5 miles up Highway 168 from Bishop, California. We were fortunate to have some early snow that highlighted the fall foliage during our 3-night stay. The cabin we stayed in was a cozy little Fishermans cabin. We explored the area, visiting South Lake and Lake Sabrina, but our favorite was North Lake. The main reason for the trip was to see the color of the aspen and the mountains, and we were not disappointed. The sunrise at North Lake Bishop CA was spectacular, and the scenery around the lake was amazing.

Early Snow

The snow on the second day added an extra element to our photography. The combination of the snow, fall color, reflections, and early morning light was amazing. It was a day at North Lake Bishop CA I’ll never forget. It made the North Lake Bishop photos awesome.

This area is accessed from the North Lake Day Use parking area . You have to drive past this [arking area to the far side of the lake to find the North Lake campground near Bishop CA

Cardinal Mine

In addition, we visited an old gold mine in the hills above Aspendell, which was started in the late 1800s as the “Tip Top” mine and later called the Cardinal Mine. It produced gold and silver well into the 1930s. You could see where the mine shaft was and some of the old processing equipment.

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