Exploring Lower Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon with red and orange walls

Located in Page, Arizona, Lower Antelope Canyon is a natural wonder that attracts visitors from around the world. This stunning slot canyon, formed over thousands of years by the forces of wind and water, offers visitors a unique and unforgettable experience to get your Lower Antelope Canyon Pictures. We have been here 3 times and each time has been a different experience. Unfortunately, you can no longer take tripods into the canyon and since this site has become much more popular over the years there are no more self-guided tours. You must go with a guide to get your Lower Antelope Canyon Photos.

The pros: people with tripods and self-guided tours clog up the canyon.

The guides are very knowledgeable.

The cons: it was nice being able to move through the canyon at your own pace.

The old entrance, now the exit

hiker defending through a crack in the desert floor

In the Canyon

On our first time there it was hard to imagine that access to the canyon was through this narrow crack in the ground. Now, this is the exit point from the canyon. As we descended into the canyon, we first noticed the sheer beauty of the rock formations. The walls display intricate patterns and colors, shifting with the changing light. The narrow passageways create a sense of intimacy, as we wound our way through the canyon, following the twists and turns of the rock formations. The color, texture, and patterns in the canyon walls are ever-changing as the light changes making for amazing Lower Antelope Canyon Photos.

hiker defending a ladder in the canyon

Be Prepared

One of the most exciting aspects of visiting Lower Antelope Canyon is the sense of adventure that comes with exploring this natural wonder. We needed to be prepared to navigate narrow passageways, climb ladders, and step over rocks and other obstacles. But the reward is well worth the effort, as we were treated to an experience that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Lower Antelope Canyon Tours

You need a guided tour

Here is a list of tour operators.

We needed to explore the canyon on a guided tour. It was led by an experienced guide familiar with every canyon nook and cranny. The tours offer a unique opportunity to learn about the geology and history of the canyon. We also learned about the Navajo people and culture of the area.

orange and gold walls Inside Lower Antelope Canyon
orange and brown walls in side the canyon

In conclusion, visiting Lower Antelope Canyon is an experience that should not be missed. Whether you’re a nature lover, or simply looking for a unique travel experience, this slot canyon is sure to impress. With its natural beauty, fascinating history, and sense of adventure, Lower Antelope Canyon is a destination that truly has something for everyone. Lower Antelope Canyon pictures will be something to treasure.

We have been there 3 times; each time is a different experience. You can no longer bring tripods into the canyon but you can still get decent images. You need to use a high ISO and an advanced camera available now. Depending on the time of year it can get cold in the canyon so dress accordingly.


With orange cliffs, a steep ladder, and Lorna, waving goodbye

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