Discovering Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow bridge, with a stream beneath it, and a blue sky in the background

We embarked on an adventure to Rainbow Bridge National Monument to get some Rainbow Bridge National Monument photos The Lake Powell scenery was awesome. Boarding the tour boat at the resort where we were camped. The captain’s skill in navigating the narrow channels amazed us. Upon arrival, a mile hike awaited us to reach the span which is 290 feet high. It is the largest natural bridge in the world. Different Native American peoples viewed this site as sacred and holy and fought to preserve the area from expansion. However, they lost their court battles. Arriving at the site, a park ranger greeted us, providing a historical overview of the area. We were instructed not to walk through the bridge, leading some people to scramble over boulders to catch a glimpse of the back side of the bridge.

Due to the current low water level in Lake Powell, accessing the dock by the Rainbow Bridge has become impossible. Only small watercraft can now access the area, and they have to beach their craft on a muddy bank that is quite a distance away from the bridge and hike farther to get their Rainbow Bridge National Monument Photos.

Where we stayed

We explored this area while staying at the Lake Powell Resort and Marina

The entrance sign to the Waheap campground in page Arizona

The boat ride to Rainbow Bridge

Picturesque rock formations and a clear blue sky on a sunny day on Lake Powell
In the narrow channels , the tour boat navigating the narrow channels
The boat wake in the narrow channel

Rainbow Bridge National Monument Hike

The hike from the dock to the bridge covered about 2 miles round trip on mostly well-maintained trails. The tour included approximately 40 people, so it didn’t feel very crowded.Most everyone spread out once there with some people exploring the area and some listening to the talk that the ranger was doing.

The tour boat at the dock, with passengers and red Cliffs in the background  in our  National Monument Photos
Lorna and Mick on the hike with rainbow bridge in the background  in our  National Monument Photos
Rainbow Bridge surrounded by red cliffs, and a blue sky in the background  in our  National Monument Photos
Sunburst at the top of rainbow Bridge with a clear blue sky in our  National Monument Photos

This is one of the things that we had planned on doing on this trip and I am so glad that we did because it was an outing that I will never forget.

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