Discovering an Abandoned Corral

The other day, while at Stud Horse Point with Lorna, we spotted an old abandoned corral near Page, AZ in the distance and decided to try and find it. After following a dirt road off Hwy 89, we eventually came across the abandoned corral. It was set in a flat sandy area covered with tumbleweeds and we could see the large hoo-doo of Stud Horse Point up at the top of the cliff. The warped and split boards and broken posts suggested that it had been abandoned for some time. It looked like it was once used to herd cattle onto trucks. It was easy to imagine the activity and bustle that occurred in the area during loading times. We were glad we took the time to explore this off-the-beaten-path spot. Take Ferry Swale Road south off of Highway 89 to find them.

The weathered posts and faded remnants of fencing seemed to narrate a tale of the land’s past, leaving me with a sense of awe and curiosity about the untold stories that unfolded within the confines of this forgotten corral. It stood as a silent testament to the passage of time, evoking a connection with the history and solitude of the desert landscape that stretched beyond the horizon.

The Abandoned Corral Near Page, AZ

Broken and warped corral fence surrounded by cliffs

In the photo below the large hoo-doo at Stud Horse Point is visible. It is the little speck at the top of the cliff. The whole area was beautiful with stunning cliffs on one side and the desert landscape on the other.

Broken and warped corral fence surrounded by cliffs
Mick on the loading ramp of the abandoned corral surrounded by cliffs
Wide angle image of the abandoned corral with cliffs in the background and they stunning, cloudy blue sky

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