The Wave Plus 5

Utah-Arizona Road Trip

Embarking on a Utah to Arizona road trip within a time constraint of 8 days requires careful planning to maximize the experience while covering key destinations. A few years ago, we were fortunate enough to secure a Wave permit through the online lottery. Although we prefer not to limit ourselves to just one day at …

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Bryce Canyon National Park with Sunset Point

After an overnight stop in Las Vegas, we arrived at the Canyon in the early afternoon. We checked into a motel just outside the park and then entered the park to explore. We visited a couple of viewpoints and hiked a short way down into the canyon. The canyon with its vast vistas of crimson-colored …

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Monument Valley’s Scenic Splendor

Monument Valley, a land of majestic red sandstone monoliths and vast desert landscapes, is an iconic destination that transports visitors. The dramatic silhouettes of the buttes and mesas against the expansive sky created a mesmerizing panorama that seemed almost surreal. Monument Valley has been immortalized in countless films and photographs, and it’s easy to see …

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