Annual Bash at Huntington Lake

We started the trip up at Huntington Lake in the Sierra Nevada onal trip with a group of friends. We usually spend 10 to 14 days there and really enjoy the kayaking and the company. Staying at the Rancheria Campground and enjoying days of kayaking on the lake and visiting with friends is the goal of the trip. It’s planned where you cook dinner for everyone with another couple one night so you only have to cook dinner once while you are there. This is where we we go for our Huntington Lake kayaking experience.

For more to see and do while at Huntington Lake like hiking to Rancheria Falls, Hiking Indian Pools, driving to Mushroom Rock, and visiting China Peak see our ,“West to the Rockies Again” trip report.

The Campout

Camping at Huntington Lake in the Sierra Nevada during summertime is a great experience. Nestled amidst the towering pine trees and pristine alpine beauty, the lake offers a picturesque haven for nature enthusiasts. The lake beckons campers for swimming, boating, kayaking, and fishing. Mountains offer breathtaking hiking and hidden gems. Campfires make tranquil nights. Come to the Sierra Nevada for a Huntington Lake kayaking experience.

When camping for long periods with no hook-ups this is the battery-solar panel system we use

Battery solar panel and if it’s overcast we use this generator

The next stop on the road trip was a 4-day 1,200 drive to Laramie WY. with overnight stops in Bakersfield CA, Las Vegas NV, and Provo UT.

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Lorna’s Tips and Lessons

After borrowing a friend’s inflatable kayak at Huntington Lake, I decided to purchase one for year-round use at my local lake and bay. While there are pros and cons to inflatable kayaks, I find them easy to pack and fill,.I prefer it to the difficulty of loading a hard kayak onto a vehicle. I did thorough research and ultimately chose the Airhead Montana 1-person kayak, which I have been very satisfied with and use whenever the weather allows. It is reasonably priced, especially when on sale. Our experience with a cheaper inflatable kayak, purchased during COVID, for my Mick ended poorly. It frequently needed patching and eventually burst while on the lake, resulting in a difficult paddle, while continually pumping, back to the dock and eventual disposal. Overall, I believe that spending a little more on a quality kayak is worth it in the long run.

We play a lot of games when traveling. Even when you don’t have much room, you can pack a deck of cards. At Huntington Lake, one of our favorite things to do is play games like Corn Hole and Triple Yahtzee. Every year, we try to learn a new game and share our favorites with each other. For example, my granddaughter recently taught me Nertz, and I plan to bring it on our 2023 trip. On this trip the new game I learned was Tenzi.

,On to Laramie Wyoming

When in bear country, it is important to keep all food items locked up and secure. We have used bear-proof ice chests in the past but

Cooler mangled by a bear, trying to get into it

During this trip, we discovered the importance of keeping items off the ground. A bear did not breach our friends’ ice chest, but it was damaged. Similarly, a brand-new screened room was destroyed, likely while the bear searched for crumbs from lunch.

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