A Photographic Tour of Upper Antelope Canyon

This is our Upper Antelope Canyon photo tour. Antelope Canyon is located on Navajo land in Arizona and is made up of 5 canyons, with Upper Antelope and Lower Antelope being two of the most popular. Due to its popularity, advanced reservations are highly recommended and the only way to visit is through a tour operator. There are many of them in Page AZ. The next morning, we met Charlie, our tour guide from Overland Canyon Tours, for our Upper Antelope Canyon tour who unfortunately is no longer in business. We spent hours exploring the canyon’s beautiful sandstone walls, which have been formed by wind and rain erosion. The canyon is particularly famous for the light beams that reach the walls, which can be up to 120 feet high, and for the stunning colors and designs in the swirling sandstone walls, which make for perfect Antelope Canyon Images.

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Lower Antelope Canyon

After we made the drive from Page down the long, sandy wash to reach the canyon. The walls were etched with intricate patterns and colors that seem to shift and change with the light. The narrow passageways create a sense of intimacy, as we wound our way through the canyon. The color, texture, and patterns in the canyon walls are ever-changing as the light changes. Unfortunately, you can no longer take tripods into the canyon and since this site has become much more popular over the years but with a good SLR and the right settings it is still possible to get good-quality handheld images.

Upper Antelope Canyon Images

More Antelope Canyon Images

Light beam in Upper Antelope Canyon turns the sculpted, sand, stone walls and orange color
2Light beams in Upper Antelope Canyon turns the sculpted sandstone walls and orange color
Light beam in Upper Antelope Canyon with sand falling off of a ledge
Light beam in Upper Antelope Canyon turns the sculpted, sand, stone walls and orange color

In conclusion, Antelope Canyon is a natural wonder that truly takes your breath away. Its stunning sandstone walls, intricate designs, and magical light beams make it a must-visit destination. Despite the need for advanced reservations and the requirement to visit through an Upper Antelope Canyon tour operator, it’s definitely worth the effort. Our Upper Antelope Canyon photo tour will show you the iconic images.

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Lorna’s Tips and Lessons

While I leave most of the photography to Mick, I do like to dabble with photography and every once in a while end up with the best image. I like taking a small tripod in my backpack. Using a tripod when taking pictures with an iPhone can offer several advantages:

  1. Improved Stability: A tripod can provide a stable platform for your iPhone, which can help reduce camera shake and keep your photos sharp and clear, particularly in low-light conditions or when taking long exposures.
  2. Consistent Framing: When you use a tripod, you can more easily achieve a consistent composition and framing in your shots, making it easier to compare and organize your photos.
  3. Hands-free Operation: A tripod allows you to set up your iPhone and then step away, leaving your hands free to adjust settings or interact with your subjects.
  4. Creative Flexibility: A tripod can allow you to experiment with different angles, perspectives, and creative techniques, such as time-lapse or long-exposure photography, that would be difficult to achieve hand-held.
  5. Professional Quality: With the use of a tripod, your photos can take on a more professional look and feel. A tripod can help with your shots, which can result in a more polished final product.

Overall, using a tripod when taking pictures with an iPhone can enhance the quality and creativity of your photography, making it a useful tool for both amateur and professional photographers.

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