2 Days in Great Basin National Park

Alpine lake, surrounded by Pine trees and mountains with a cloudy blue sky in great basin national park nevada

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Map of our route

The 2 best things to do in Great Basin National Park Nevada with Great Basin National Park maps

  1. Hike the Alpine Loop Trail
  2. Visit Lehman Cave

After overnighting in Las Vegas we headed north on Interstate 15 then north on 93 to 318 to 6 through the Great Basin Desert into Ely Nevada. That was 250 of the loneliest miles I have ever driven. There is nothing out there. From Ely, we went east to Baker Nevada, and The Great Basin National Park.

We stayed at The Whispering Elms RV Park in Baker, Nevada which has a population of 70. It’s located just 5 miles from the entrance to the park. The Whispering Elms is a small RV park with gravel pads and full hookups. We stayed here for 3 nights.

Great Basin National Park maps

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Alpine Lakes Loop Trail

Alpine Loop Trail with the trail mark and red

On our visit to the park, we dedicated a day to exploring its beauty and embarked on the Alpine Lakes Loop Trail. The trail, spanning about 5.8 miles round trip including the hike out to Rock Glacier, offered us an opportunity to experience the park’s stunning scenery on foot. As we hiked uphill, we were met with picturesque forests and meadows that left us in awe. Our efforts were rewarded as we arrived at the tranquil Stella Lake and Teresa Lake, which provided a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Colorful aspen trees in a forest meadow in the bright sunshine in great basin national park nevada

The Lakes

Stella Lake with colorful mountains and a blue sky in the background at the lake, surrounded by pine trees
Mick and Lorna at Stella Lake surrounded by mountains and pine trees with a cloudy blue sky in great basin national park nevada
Hiker approaching small lake, surrounded by pine trees with a blue sky in great basin national park nevada

We embarked on a picturesque one-mile hike from Teresa Lake to reach the magnificent Bristlecone Pine Grove in Great Basin National Park, Nevada

Bristlecone Pine

Great Basin Bristlecone Pine with pine trees in the background and a blue sky in great basin national park nevada

Lehman Cave

The next day we did some more exploring in the park and then went to Lehman Cave to finish the day. The Cave is in marble rock and features beautiful stalagmites, stalactites, popcorn, and cave bacon. There are 2 tours, the Grand, and The Lodge Room. We took the Grand Palace Tour. For tickets to the cave click, here


To sum up, our visit to the park was filled with amazing experiences that left us in awe. The Alpine Lakes Loop Trail was the highlight of our trip. Offering us a chance to witness the stunning forests, meadows, and lakes up close. Our visit to Stella Lake and Teresa Lake provided a much-needed respite from our busy lives, and the hike to Bristlecone Pine Grove was a rewarding experience. The next day, our exploration continued as we visited the Lehman Cave, where we were amazed by the incredible stalagmites, stalactites, popcorn, and cave bacon. The Grand Palace Tour was an excellent opportunity to learn about the cave’s formation and its unique features. Our trip to the park was a memorable one, and we highly recommend these activities to anyone planning to visit.

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