2 Days at Toroweap Overlook, Grand Canyon National Park

View from Toroweap with the vertical canyon walls, a red color, and the Colorado river at the bottom

The drive

The journey from Springdale and Zion Canyon to the Toroweap Overlook, Grand Canyon National Park was a 105-mile drive. The route we took passed through Colorado City before reaching the final destination. The last 60 miles are on dirt roads, some of which can be rough with wash boarding. The last 2 miles are on uneven slick rock, making having a four-wheel drive vehicle necessary.

We drove a 2016 Jeep Cherokee and had to pick our way through some of the spots but made it without any problems. To be prepared for any potential dirt road issues, we brought two spare tires, tire plugs, and a small compressor. We didn’t get any flat tires but It’s important to note that there is no cell service or assistance in this remote area. There is a parking area where you can park and walk if your car won’t make it over the last 2 miles. Finally, you are at the Toroweap Overlook at the Grand Canyon.

The signed at The turn off to Toroweap
The start of the dirt road is well-maintained
Bad Conditions on the road to Toroweap get very rough
Road into the campground is very rough and Rocky

We camped here in November and didn’t have any problems getting a permit and there were only 3 other campers in the campgrounds. There were some visitors at the overlook daily with day-use permits. You can get information on the permits ,, here. We camped in a tent for 3 days and enjoyed great night skies, sunrises, and sunsets at the Thoroweap overlook of the Grand Canyon.

The overlook

We have also visited the Grand Canyon South Rim and the, North Rim.

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