2 Days Around Devils Tower

Devils Tower at sunrise with a cloudy blue sky

Explore Devils Tower National Monument, a butte in the Black Hills in Wyoming. We stayed at the Devils Tower KOA WY which was just outside of the entrance. For the start of this trip click hereThere are many Native American Tribes with oral history stories about the butte and it is a sacred place for many of them. You can see many prayer clothes are attached to trees in the park, especially along the Tower Trail. Lorna got the news that her mother had only a few days to live, shortly before going to Devils Tower. Her first thoughts were why Devils Tower?

However, once there she was comforted by the spirituality of this place, where thousands of people go to leave prayer clothes. She left one for her mom and even engaged in the practice of a smudging ceremony. The practice of smudging is a simple ritual for purifying or cleansing the soul of negative thoughts about a person or place by burning sacred herbs, such as sage. It was only a 120-mile drive to Devils Tower National Monument.

The Campground: Devils Tower KOA WY

Campsite at the KOA with our trailer and devils tower in the background
The view from our campsite


From our campsite, at Devils Tower KOA, we were blessed with a stunning view of the Tower. It was a nice clean campground. There was plenty of space between sites and it was quiet at night. Later that afternoon, I took a drive out Devils Tower National Monument Road to the east side of the tower to capture photographs of the Tower illuminated by the gentle, warm light of the setting su

They show the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind at the campground every night but it was cold outside and we had the movie with us so we opted to watch it in the trailer.

The Tower

Devils Tower at sunset Close up with soft sunset, light on the tower and trees in the foreground

The next day we drove to the Visitors Center and did the hike around the Tower on the Tower Loop Trail to further Explore Devils Tower National Monument. The Tower Loop Trail at Devils Tower National Monument offered us breathtaking views of the iconic tower and the surrounding landscape. This 1.3-mile loop trail is considered moderate in difficulty, with some steep inclines and rocky terrain. The trail took us around the base of the tower and provided a unique perspective of its columnar formation. Along the way, we spotted climbers ascending the tower even saw some mule deer. Overall, hiking the Tower Loop Trail was a great experience.

Devils Tower with a cloudy blue sky while we Explore Devils Tower National Monument
devils tower with rocks and trees in the foreground while we Explore Devils Tower National Monument

Climber on the Tower

Rock Climbers scaling  Devils Tower while we Explore Devils Tower National Monument

At the base of Devils Tower is the Prairie Dog Town, a small colony of prairie dogs that we observed and enjoyed for a while. These adorable creatures pop in and out of their burrows, chirping and communicating with each other. We could hear their calls and observe their daily routine, which includes playing, grooming, and caring for their young. The Prairie Dog Town is a popular stop for families and nature lovers, and it’s a great opportunity to learn more about these fascinating animals.

Two prairie dogs and devils tower while we Explore Devils Tower National Monument

Belle Fourche River

One of the best things about camping at Devils Tower is being able to explore the surrounding area and take in the stunning views. During our stay, we spent an afternoon wandering around the campgrounds, hoping to capture a perfect shot of the Tower reflected in the Belle Fourche River. Later that night, we headed back into the park to try and get some shots of the Milky Way along with the Tower. Although it would have been an incredible sight, we didn’t want to risk hiking off the trail in the dark. Nonetheless, the memories of the Tower’s grandeur during the day and the starry night sky will stay with us forever.

devils tower reflected in the Belle Fourche River while we Explore Devils Tower National Monument
the tower at night with stars and trees

In conclusion, Devils Tower KOA is the perfect spot to see a must-visit destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The towering rock formation, beautiful hiking trails, and unique wildlife sightings make this location a one-of-a-kind experience. Additionally, the nearby campgrounds offer convenient and comfortable accommodations for those looking to stay close to the monument. Whether you’re interested in rock climbing, hiking, or simply admiring the stunning natural beauty, Devils Tower National Monument is a must-see destination in Wyoming.

Do you want to see the next destination on this road trip? It was a 225-mile drive from Devils Tower to , Theodore Roosevelt NP

Lorna’s Tips and Lessons

We usually do not watch much TV or movies when traveling. However, we couldn’t resist watching “Encounters of the Third Kind” during our visit here. My advice is to research the popular culture of the area you are visiting. Is there a song, book, or movie that could enhance your experience?

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